Electropull® Focus (Stand included in Price)

Electropull® Focus (Stand included in Price)
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Product Description

Electropull® Focus eletric corkscrew operates with one motor only. Some electrical elements have been placed in a compartment at the rear of the stand behind the upright post. The stand is an integral part of the ELECTROPULL® Focus. It has a unique 2.7 mm open spiral, hardened stainless steel worm. This worm has no difficulty with hard agglomerate or plastic corks. Machine will shut down if hard object (other than wine bottle) is placed in cradle. Re-start in 30 seconds. Entire unit stands 35-3/4” tall X 4 “ wide. Machine itself: 20-3/4” H, 3-1/2” wide, 4” deep. Weighted base measures 9” X 9”.