Decanter Cordoba

Decanter Cordoba
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Product Description

A distinguished decanter for distinguished tastes - the Cordoba Wine Decanter has a wide surface for aeration which ensures that the wine has sufficient contact with the air and its inclined shape facilitates wine serving. The Cordoba Duck Decanter has been designed to enhance your enjoyment of young red wines. This mouth blown glass wine decanter is accented with a leather handle. And the tilted shape of this Cordoba Duck Decanter keeps the air in contact with the surface of the wine, which improves the aromas of young wines and gives the wine a chance to attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging. The “duck-shaped” design of the Cordoba decanter also makes it easier to serve wine and minimizes the risk of dripping onto the tablecloth. A modern and elegant style for a decanter. Holds 1.50 Pt. Ht 17 cm.