Ceramic Winelight® Wicks

Ceramic Winelight® Wicks
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Product Description

A Winelight® is an insert, with a wick, that fits into the opening of a glass bottle and converts it into a beautiful romantic oil lamp. Our Winelights create a wine bottle lamps, and they can be used with any glass bottle, too. To make your bottle candle, simply insert the Winelight with it's wick into a clean empty glass bottle that has been filled with a top quality lamp oil, like our Winelight® Lamp Oil. After the wick has been saturated with oil, light the top of the wick protruding slightly from the Winelight®, et voila! Instant atmosphere! Capture the romance, keep that special bottle and always remember that special day or evening.

Fits bottle openings from 5/8" to 3/4" - Standard Sized opening. Includes a 12" cotton wick, with proper use will burn approx. 4,000 hours.